Live Laugh Loma

It’s already the end of March… I’m slacking on updates.

So here we go!

Upon returning from spring break, I was stoked to come back to Point Loma. Right now I’m having issues on determining where my true home is. I was technically raised in Illinois, but my parents moved to NorCal, and I go to school in San Diego… But what I’m learning is does it really matter where your home is if you’re happy with where you are?

That is what I am. Here in Point Loma I am: Happy. Satisfied. Content. Ecstatic. 

March was a very emotionally draining month for me, so I am glad that I had this weekend to rest! On Friday night, I attended George Williamson’s New Live Worship Album recording and it was amazing to see that this album in the making. They needed the audience’s singing and I made sure to sing my heart out. Later that night, my friends decided to do a picnic at 1 a.m. in the morning at the Greek. There was dancing and cakes being smeared on each other’s faces involved.

On Saturday afternoon, my hall mate Holly and I went surfing. Though the waves were 1-2 feet tall, this was perfect for her first time in the water. But guise! I did it. I caught my first wave in weeks! It was so much fun! The thrill of the water always amazes me.Truth be told though we live by the beach, not a lot of students surf. There have been a couple of people asking me to go surfing with them and I always am down for it. You can’t leave Point Loma without having surfed at least once! Later that afternoon, I put up my hammock by the track field and watched the hazy sunset.

Today is Sunday and I am back in the working grind. I have a 15 page research paper to crank out in two nights. This is going to be a good time. Where’s my coffee and froyo at? 

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been homesick? I'll be coming from the east coast if I go to Loma!

YES! The first semester is always the most difficult.It doesn’t matter if you’re a six-hour drive or a six-hour flight, everyone gets homesick at some point. When I left the midwest, I basically everything I knew behind. I had the best summer of my life and now I was going to leave my friends and my home church for a totally new adventure. I tried to keep myself occupied. I mean you don’t have parents telling you what to do so you get to be your own boss. You get to decide when to eat, who to hang out with, and what to do on your weekends. But then there are those nights, especially in the first couple of weeks, when you can really feel the distance. So thank God for Facebook, texting, and social networks. Honestly, the world feels so much smaller with them. 

In the first couple of weeks, I kept in contact with people at home on a regular basis and so does mostly everyone else. But as time goes by, you make awesome friendships with people in your classes, hall, and major that it makes you forget about being home. Then when you come home from winter break, you’ll get this strange feeling of dejavu, and as soon as you know it second semester rolls around and you can’t wait to get back on campus.

My three tips for homesickness:

1). Find a community to get your mind of being homesick.

2). Limit yourself from talking to people at home, or else you’re limiting your time you can use for other people on campus.

3). PRAY! Like seriously. God was the one who was there when you were at home, and he will be with you at school, and he will be with you throughout your life. Pray for strength and lay your burdens onto him (Matthew 11:28). He wants to hear everything!

It doesn’t always rain in San Diego, but when it does we play in the mud!
This weekend we had some gnarly rain. (Sorry, I’m still refuse to use that word while taking it seriously.) And by some, I mean tons! For a Chicagoan, this rain is normal. For locals, this was #rainpocalypse2014 ! Some people in my building and I did went to the softball field by Young and had a mud fight. We played soccer in the rain and tried to out-slide one another on our bellies. We went down the cliffs on natural mud slides and washed off in the ocean.
Who ever thought of playing in the mud was brilliant! 

It doesn’t always rain in San Diego, but when it does we play in the mud!

This weekend we had some gnarly rain. (Sorry, I’m still refuse to use that word while taking it seriously.) And by some, I mean tons! For a Chicagoan, this rain is normal. For locals, this was #rainpocalypse2014 ! Some people in my building and I did went to the softball field by Young and had a mud fight. We played soccer in the rain and tried to out-slide one another on our bellies. We went down the cliffs on natural mud slides and washed off in the ocean.

Who ever thought of playing in the mud was brilliant! 

Great Escapes, the fantastic PLNU outdoor program, is a great way to meet other people who enjoy the outdoors! You can either be a participant and sign up for the cool trips that go on every weekend (mud caving, mountain biking, kayaking) or join the program to become a guide. 

The other weekend I went on the Rock Guide Training to Perris Lake. This was my second time sport climbing outdoors, but even if it was your first, fifth, or fifty-third time, this training is awesome. I learned how to build an anchor (the clipping at the top of a sport climb), got to rappel myself down from 100 feet, and was exposed to trad climbing gear. It was cool to learn how the carabiner, ropes, and knots work together. You’re honestly trusting this gear to hold onto your life. I did my most difficult climb to date which is a 5.8, so I’m stoked that I have found a sport I really love.

Right now I am currently in my second semester of Anatomy and Physiology. It was cool to use muscles we rarely use day-to-day but to feel them at work during climbing. Climbing shows how intricate the human body is and how the muscles work alongside one another to make each motion happen. It reminds me that I’m physically stronger than I think I am.

Who needs a Valentine anyway?

For Valentine’s Day, I had a double dinner with the first one at the caf serving lobster and steak. The second one was out with my group of seven friends who were also single and dateless. My other friends who were in relationships either went home for the weekend or took their significant other out on a date. So what we single people did was dress up, take the shuttle, and wander around Fashion Valley Mall playing games, like Never Have I Ever and Odds Are.., to kill waiting time and better know each other. Then we ate dinner at Stacked, a fantastic burger joint, and the four guys paid for the three girls (which was absolutely sweet of them!). It makes me really appreciative that I can enjoy this hallmark holiday targeted at couples with a group of friends who are all single. I know in the following years, the group of singles will dwindle down in numbers but it was nice this first year around!

This hidden spot on campus is The Giving Tree! I saw it when I was out surfing and saw this laying on top of the cliffs. So I found my path to the tree and climbed it. From here, you have a clear view of the horizon all the way from Young to Ocean Bear Pier. This would be a great place to watch the sunset.

Another great place to watch the sunset is in the water. Two days ago, I checked off my bucket list: “Watch the sunset on a surfboard.” I have very busy Thursdays which involves back to back labs and P.E. in between so on those days, I smell like a mixture of formaldehyde, sweat, bacteria, and now salt water. When I was going down to the water with my surfboard balanced on my head and dry wetsuit half unzipped, I was awestruck. I looked out into the scenery and couldn’t believe I have the privilege to live here and do cool things like surf after class. 

This is college by the beach.

On campus, we have intramural teams. Since they needed more girls, my friends convinced me to play ultimate frisbee. In Illinois, I never really played ultimate frisbee unless you count the couple of times it was at church. I’ve come to the conclusion that ultimate is a game for Christians because it is pacifist-friendly and mainly non-contact. Plus, it’s pretty awesome to watch and makes you want to play it even more. Well our freshman team, named the Cherry Pickers, went all out and got matching shirts that were originally tie dyed but faded into white.. We also made handbooks of plays that we used for 0.5 seconds. Even though we didn’t win, it was so much fun! We were exhausted from playing at least five games of frisbee which went on for 3 hours straight. I was excited to see everyone’s progress from the practices and this allowed really great bonding time!

Certain that we were going to have a calm night satisfied with watching a movie in our jammies, one of the RA wifes convinces the girls in my hall to go to the Freshman Sock Hop thrown by the RA’s of freshmen halls Nease, Hendricks, and Klassen. I didn’t expect that much and thought I’d stick around for 15 minutes for free root beer floats, but oh my goodness, did it turn out well! Everyone in the gym was dressed up in 1950s clothing and we actually had a live band play some music, which later turned to a DJ. Even though around here we have “Naz-approved” dancing, it was so much fun! You look ridiculous and goof off, but you’re with friends and no one really cares how funny you look. My 15 minutes turned into me almost staying for the whole dance.

But I was exhausted, nonetheless. This weekend was definitely one of the most spontaneuos ones yet. And I’m doing all these crazy things right now, because I’ve heard that as a sophomore nursing student events like this are a thing of the past. So I’m making every weekend count!

Anonymous asked: How does the Pre-Nursing major work? Is it a BSN program?

Pre-nursing is one year and nursing school is three years. To graduate within four years, you can’t switch into the program but have to be accepted as a freshman for pre-nursing. If you do, it’ll take more than four years. You could also apply as a transfer as long as you have your pre-reqs for nursing. It is a BSN program, indeed!

onthatjesusflow asked: Okayyyy so this might be creepy but I just went through all of your posts and now I am so pumped to go to PLNU next year :D I do have a few questions regarding the weather though! Okay, so does it get windy there, and if so, how windy? And also, what types of clothes would you suggest bringing? Like mostly pants or shorts, and mostly light long sleeves or tank tops or a mixture? Sorry for all the questions! (:

It really doesn’t get windy here. It’s a gentle ocean breeze. I would suggest bringing clothes that are be beachy, some sweater, lots of shorts, plethora of cardigans, and comfortable clothes. People here dress up a lot, so I have warn  you that your style may change. Compared to the midwest, it’s a lot more stylish here. Since we have a pretty school, we’ve got to have pretty stylish people :)

Some of my favorite pictures from this afternoon’s adventure. Shila, Sydney, and I went to Ocean Beach. O.B. is a part of San Diego that has mom and pop shops of antique stores and lots of diverse restaurants.  Along the way, we stopped by the tide pools. The waves were huge today, ranging from 10-12 feet. Once we got to OB, we split an acai bowl and strolled down the Pier.

We walked a total of 8 miles along the scenic route of Sunset Cliffs. 

Exploring San Diego is always an adventure :)